What is The May 50K?

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The May 50K is a community fitness and fundraising challenge for MS International Federation and partnering charities including: MS Ireland, the MS Society UK, Stichting MS Research and Deutsche Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft Bundesverband. We're challenging people to walk or run 50 kilometres throughout the month of May to raise funds for life-changing research into MS, as well as an international initiative to improve access to vital treatments for everyone affected by the disease - no matter where they live.

Everyone who receives a donation to their page will get a The May 50K technical t-shirt or (due to some sizes selling out) a MS Society t-shirt. And everyone who receives over £250 in donations will receive a The May 50K medal. See terms and conditions for more information.

How much does it cost to register?

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It’s completely free to register and participate in The May 50K. You can register here and leave your limits behind in May!

When and where is The May 50K?

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The May 50K is an online fitness challenge which runs for one month from 1 - 31 May 2024. You decide where and when to complete your challenge.

What do I have to do?

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Wherever you live, whatever your fitness level, you can decide when and where to complete The May 50K. Really don’t like to run or walk? You can complete the challenge in a way that works best for you. If you're a wheelchair user, you can adjust the kilometres in a way that will be challenging for you. Setting a challenging personal goal will make it more likely others will sponsor you.

Can I swim or cycle my The May 50K challenge?

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Absolutely! It’s up to you to decide where or how to complete The May 50K.

How do I share my page to my friends and family?

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How do I challenge a friend?

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How do I join a team?

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During registration, you'll be able to search for the team you'd like to join.

Once registered, search for the team you'd like to join, and simply click on the Join Us button on the team page while logged in to your own account. This will automatically connect you to the team.

If a team is set up as invite only, you'll need to contact the Team Captain and request that they send you an invite to join their team.

How do I reset my password?

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Login to your The May 50K account and head to your dashboard. Click on ‘My account’ and select ‘Reset Password’.

How do I register as an individual/solo on the May 50K site?

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How do I update my fundraising and donations page?

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How do I set up my profile and update my fundraising and fitness goals?

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Where do the funds go that I raise?

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The MS Society UK is teaming up with the MS International Federation so the money you raise will be shared to fund local and international projects. In the UK, 70% of the money you raise will go to MS Society UK projects and 30% will go to the MS International Federation to help to fund life-changing research and access to treatment projects around the world.

How do I update my fundraising goal?

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How do I thank my donors?

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My Fitness Activity

How do I log my kilometres online?

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Please click here for detailed instructions on how to link your fundraising page to your fitness app.

You can log your kilometers in two ways:

  • Link your page to a fitness tracker or app

We're linked to FitBit, MapMyFitness, Garmin and to automatically sync with your fundraising page and add to your kilometre tracker each time you record an activity. Strava is not integrated, but you can add your distances manually in the Log My KMs section.

You can use your smartphone to download Fitbit or mapmyfitness to get started. After creating an account with your preferred app, login to your The May 50K account and head to the ‘My Fitness Activity’ tab to connect to your fitness app.

Please allow 24 hours for your activity to show up on your fundraising page.

  • Log your kilometres manually

To log kilometres manually, simply login to your online fundraising page and head to the ‘My Fitness Activity’ to record your activity.

Can I start recording my kilometres in the lead up to May?

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You certainly can! But we will reset your kilometres to zero on 1st May 2024.

How do I update my fitness goal?

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What are workplace teams?

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Workplace teams allow you to create internal teams underneath your core workplace, meaning you can compete against other branches or departments within your organisation, or even just against your most competitive colleagues on the other end of the office – you choose!

How can my workplace get involved?

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Creating a workplace and asking your colleagues to set up internal workplace teams to compete against each other, is the easiest way to get others involved. You can run before work, organise a team zoom walk at lunchtime or go for a sunset stroll – whatever suits you and your colleagues best.

You can also challenge your clients, suppliers and competitors at other companies – there’s nothing like some friendly competition to spice things up!

How do I register my workplace?

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How do I get the most out of The May 50K at my workplace?

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There’s a few simple things you can do to boost your workplace’s participation:

  • Put us in touch with whoever leads your health and well-being program
  • Register yourself first, set an ambitious target for yourself and make the first donation from yourself, to yourself to show your commitment to The May 50K
  • Encourage your senior leadership to participate and lead from the front
  • Get all your colleagues involved and inspire internal competition
  • Encourage your workplace to match your fundraising efforts to help smash your goals

How do I join an existing workplace?

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How do I create a team and invite team members?

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