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I'm moving 100 kms this month to leave MS behind

My Progress

71 KMS

My target

100 KMS

Support my challenge to leave MS behind!

I’m taking part in the May 50K - but because I'm lucky enough to be fit and able-bodied, I've doubled up the challenge and am aiming for 100K. Mainly walking, but I'll probably run some bits. Please support me to raise funds for life-changing research into multiple sclerosis and better access to treatments.

Over 130,000 people in the UK are living with MS, including my sister Ruth. But your donation will have a world-wide impact, because the May 50K (or in my case 100K) supports the MS International Federation as well as the MS Society UK.

I’ve accepted the challenge to change lives. I need your help to leave MS where it belongs, behind us.

Please donate to support my challenge.

Thank you so much,


My Updates

Stage 16

Stage 15

Oops, forgot to upload this yesterday

Stage 14

Stage 13

She looks a bit fierce

Bonus update: a photo from the gardens of Chiswick House, the destination of yesterday's stage of my 100K

Stage 12

Stage 11

Half way there!

Stage 10

Stage 9

Yesterday was a rest day

Stage 8

A bit weird with - recording didn't start properly

Stage 7

Stage 6

Dodging the downpours

Stage 5

A pleasant stroll on a fine spring day

Stage 4

There. And back again.

Stage 3

Went to buy some bread in West Hampstead. In the rain.

Stage 2

Went for a run this time

Stage 1

It looks as though the Strava embed option doesn't work...

Stage 1

Thank you to my Sponsors


Nicholas Ingram





Fantastic 🤗 Wishing you all the very best xxx 🥰



Good luck Hilary! Sorry to hear that your sister is affected by MS, it’s a terrible disease. Hope all is well in Queens Park!


Cathy Dobson




Lynn Tulip

All the best Hilary - Good luck


Camberwell Life Drawing


Lee Taylor

Good luck!




Margaret O'neill

Good luck with the challenge.


Norma Cohen

I’m with you and donated. Let’s hope we see a cure for MS in our lifetimes and that of our sisters!


Hilary Curtis

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